“Preikestolen” Odin’s throne in Asgard

Hiking in Preikestolen

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Living in Norway is not just about working or knitting those beautiful designs that Viking women invented when they got bored waiting for their husbands who were sailing in their longboats with their horns on.

You could take advantage of the opportunity to fish for salmon, go dog sledding, or admire Norwegians. But if you are more adventurous and want to admire the lush nature, I propose that you visit Preikestolen in the port city of Stavanger.

This 25x25m plateau is located 604m above the Lysefjord river and was formed more than 10,000 years ago by glacier meltwater that carried enormous rocks.


In 2020, the Ryfast underwater tunnel, the longest in the world at 14.3km and with a depth of 292m below sea level, was inaugurated. We arrived from Stavanger in 50 minutes.

There are two companies that can take you there: Go Fjords for 389 NOK (38 euros) or Pulpit Rock Tours for 360 NOK (36 euros). You can also go by car, but it costs 15 euros for tolls and 25 euros for parking, so it’s only cost-effective if you share the expenses. The river Lysefjord cruise is also highly recommended, lasts 3 hours, covers 42 km, and costs 48 euros.


I advise you to climb only if the weather is good; the bus driver will tell you whether it’s a good day to climb or not. Remember that even if it’s not snowing or raining, there is often a lot of fog, and you won’t be able to appreciate the view.

The trail is about 4 km long, and if you are fit, it will take you a little over an hour and a half to complete. The trail is well signposted, and even children can do it. You will pass by lakes and plains.

Bring waterproof boots and several layers of clothing, as you will get hot during the ascent, but it can be windy up there. Remember to bring water to hydrate yourself and some food as well. The best time to climb is from May to October, and early in the morning, as it gets very crowded around noon, especially in July and August.


According to Norse mythology, Odin observed what happened in his nine worlds from his throne in Asgard. Here in Preikestolen, you will feel like a god, forgetting the earthly world. This rock has a large crack running through it, and another legend says that when 7 brothers marry 7 sisters, this protruding rock will separate from the wall that connects it.

But others say that 5 brothers and 5 sisters must marry for that to happen. While they come to an agreement, let’s enjoy Preikestolen. It’s a dream that you can touch, and it’s worth dreaming about!

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