Classes for 2


Double the success:
Why Learning Norwegian as a Pair is the Way to Go

Experience the combined benefits of one-to-one lessons and a group course with our unique approach to learning Norwegian. Our Norwegian classes online for two people, tailored to your individual needs, offer dynamic discussions and active training in spoken Norwegian.

Why Choose Norwegian classes online for 2?

  • Personalized Focus: We prioritize the aspects of the Norwegian language that matter most to you, whether it’s mastering grammar, workplace communication, or exam preparation.
  • Customized Learning: Teaching methods and learning pace are adjusted to your preferences, ensuring an optimal learning experience.
  • Conversational Practice: With two students in the classroom, you’ll engage in conversational classes that effectively break down language barriers.
  • Adapted to Your Level: Our classes cater to your level of proficiency, eliminating the need to commit to a specific level before joining.
  • Flexible Schedule: You have the flexibility to decide on the number and frequency of meetings, accommodating your busy lifestyle.

Don't Have a Study Partner?

If you don’t have someone to learn with, let us know, and we’ll assist you in finding a suitable study partner.

Learn Norwegian online with our tailored lessons for two, maximizing your chances of success. Contact us now to begin your language journey!

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