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Why us?

Norsk Hjemme means “Norwegian At Home”. We aim to make you feel at home in Norway by helping you to master Norwegian in the comfort of your home.

We know that learning a new language can be quite a challenge, especially if you try to combine language classes with work and other daily responsibilities. For people who do not have too much time on a daily basis, we have created our own way of teaching and learning that makes it easier to memorize new material during class. As a result, independent studying outside of the classroom can be kept to a minimum.

During the courses, we use our original colorful charts with illustrations, which make it easier to remember vocabulary and help understand grammar. We consolidate the newly acquired knowledge through games, quizzes, and conversations. We conduct classes in a dynamic manner and avoid monotony. We try to make each of the students not only start to speak Norwegian fluently but also like the language.

The classes are conducted by a teacher with many years of teaching experience and education in the Norwegian language obtained at Norwegian universities.

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About us
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