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Enjoy learning with our online Norwegian courses!

✓ Dynamic Dialogue: Engage in lively conversations and immersive language practice.

✓ Colorful graphics: Visualize and recall vocabulary and grammar effortlessly.

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Norsk Hjemme means:

"Norwegian at home"

Our aim is to make you feel at home in Norway by helping you master Norwegian in the comfort of your own home.

Our courses

ELG Group

Group Course

Our group courses teach Norwegian at all levels in a fun and stress-free way. Join our online Norwegian course and learn with other students in a group setting.

✓ Dynamic Discussions: Our teachers facilitate dynamic discussions and active training in the spoken language.

✓ Colorful Visuals: They use colorful charts with illustrations to make it easier to remember vocabulary and understand grammar.

Duration: 3 months / Level

ELG individual (2)

Individual Classes

Our individual classes offer complete flexibility, allowing you to adapt the lesson content, teaching methods, study materials, and schedule to suit your preferences.

✓ Learn at Your Own Pace: Ideal for those who prefer self-paced learning, our individual classes provide the freedom to learn at your own pace and convenience.

✓ One-on-One Attention: Receive personalized attention from our teachers to maximize your progress.

Duration: 3 months / Level

Lessons for 2

Lessons for 2 combine the advantages of individual lessons and group courses.

✓ Personalized curriculum: our teachers will give you 100% attention and adapt the curriculum to your specific needs.

✓ Dynamic training: Participate in lively discussions and interactive exercises to improve your language skills.

Start learning anytime, even tomorrow.

Why Norsk Hjemme?

Dynamic Classes

We encourage lively conversations and immersive language practice.

Elevate Skills

Our Norwegian university-educated teachers are committed to unlocking your potential.

Visual learning

Easy retention of vocabulary and grammar facilitated by our innovative colorful charts.

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