Individual classes


Are you tired of cookie-cutter language classes? Learn your way!

Find your perfect fit for online Norwegian classes with Norsk Hjemme. Our easy and highly personalized private classes are tailored to your needs, goals, and preferences.

Our experienced teachers create customized plans that fit your schedule, learning style, and pace. Our engaging activities and study materials make learning fun and interactive.

With our supportive environment, you can progress at your own pace, building fluency in everyday situations. Step up your language game with Norsk Hjemme’s easy and personalized approach.

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Why individual classes?

  • Focus on your specific interests, whether it’s mastering grammar, workplace communication, or exam preparation.
  • Teaching methods and learning pace are adjusted to your preferences.
  • No need to commit to a specific language level; we adapt the Norwegian language proficiency to your abilities.
  • Enjoy flexible scheduling, allowing you to decide the number and frequency of meetings.
  • Experience visible progress in learning after just one lesson due to fully personalized classes.
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