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Is it true that Norsk Hjemme offers Norwegian online courses in groups for all levels in a fun and stress-free way for 99 kr / lesson?

Yes, our Norwegian online courses are conducted in a dynamic way, based on a constant dialogue between the students and the teacher.

In the classroom, we use our original colorful charts with illustrations, which make it easier to remember vocabulary and help understand grammar.

During the Norsk Hjemme Norwegian online course...

  • you will start using Norwegian in everyday life – the conversational form of our classes will help you overcome the language barrier and make you start talking to Norwegians already after the first lesson
  • you will learn Norwegian pronunciation, accent and intonation, thanks to which you will start to speak Norwegian clearly and understandably to others
  • you will learn the vocabulary useful in everyday life, at work and among friends
  • you will learn how to build correct sentences – understanding the practical use of Norwegian grammar will make you able to express everything you want to express
  • you will prepare for the norskprøve (all levels) and bergenstest exams
  • you will learn everything YOU need – thanks to the small size of the groups, we are able to adapt the curriculum to your needs

Additional Information about the Norwegian Online Course

  • the course consists of 50 lessons spread over 25 video meetings
  • meetings take place twice a week on the Google Meet platform
  • classes are conducted by a teacher with many years of experience
  • classes are held in small groups
  • absent students are provided with recordings of the classes (so you will never fall behind)


  • one lesson costs 99 kr
  • the entire course, i.e. 50 lessons, equals 4950 kr
  • it is possible to pay in two installments
  • you can pay for the course by card or bank transfer

Write to us to set up a free call during which we will determine your Norwegian level!


Frequently Asked Questions

Our group classes take place on the Google Meet platform, requiring no installation. The classes promote interaction between students and the teacher, with opportunities for conversations, quizzes, exercises, and discussions. Participants see and hear each other during the lessons.

We utilize our own infographics, colorful charts with pictures that aid in vocabulary retention. Additionally, we incorporate various external materials such as exercises, texts, recordings, videos, and word lists. No textbooks are required for enrollment in the Norwegian Norsk Hjemme course.

You can easily catch up on missed content. All classes are recorded and available to students for 7 days following the lesson. Furthermore, our teacher is accessible via email for any questions outside the classroom.

If you’re unsure which course suits you best, schedule a 15-minute call with us. We will assess your Norwegian proficiency and guide you in selecting an appropriate level of advancement.

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