Interactive Course A1.1 (1 year access)

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What’s included in the Norsk Hjemme A1.1 interactive course?

  • 193 interactive boards
  • dialogues with native speakers’ voices
  • grammar explanations
  • exercises, quizzes and tests
  • feedback on homework
  • useful vocabulary
  • infographics
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The Norsk Hjemme A1.1 interactive course is an innovative approach to learning Norwegian that combines self-study and learning with a teacher. The course consists of 193 interactive whiteboards and over 300 pages with dialogues, exercises, infographics, recordings, grammar explanations and written assignments. The written assignments are checked by a teacher, who sends feedback to the student within 3 business days.

The Norsk Hjemme A1.1 interactive course is for you if…

you are starting your adventure with the Norwegian language and are looking for an effective method that will allow you to start communicating in Norwegian as soon as possible
you would like to organize and repeat your knowledge gained so far
you like to learn at your own pace
your work schedule changes frequently, so it is difficult for you to adjust to the dates of courses with a teacher
you like a combination of learning and fun

Additional information

The course works best on a computer.

Access to the course is granted for one year.

At the moment, the interactive course is only available at level A1.1. The next levels will be available soon.

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