Courses for professionals

When we talk about specialized courses for professionals we refer to a teaching model that seeks a balance between practical and theoretical teaching.

Thanks to a system of alternation between studying and practicing in the company, students are more receptive and motivated which accelerates their learning process.

What will you get?

All the benefits of a group course:

  • you will start using Norwegian in everyday life – the conversational form of our classes will help you overcome the language barrier and make you start talking to Norwegians already after the first lesson
  • you will learn Norwegian pronunciation, accent and intonation, thanks to which you will start to speak Norwegian clearly and understandably to others
  • you will learn the vocabulary useful in everyday life, at work, and among friends
  • you will learn how to build correct sentences – understanding the practical use of Norwegian grammar will make you able to express everything you want to express
  • you will prepare for the norskprøve (all levels)
  • you will learn everything YOU need


  • Professional Vocabulary:
    Our course goes beyond the traditional language course by adding the vocabulary of your profession.
  • Role-plays:
    As we know how important is to be comfortable Speaking and writing to clients and co-workers, we articulate different role plays that will help you to be confident to surpass the language barrier.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to its nature, it offers numerous advantages for companies and students.

As the program can be adapted to your company’s needs, you will be able to put into practice your knowledge from the very first lesson.

Surpass the language barriers with our innovative role-plays and stay on top of your game.

During the classes, we use our own infographics (colorful charts with pictures that make it easier to remember new vocabulary). We supplement the infographics with various external materials – exercises, texts, recordings, videos, word lists, etc. When enrolling in the Norwegian Norsk Hjemme course, you do not need to buy any textbooks.
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